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FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
an extensive investigation, how can the defense department brand that or dealing with it as work place violence. it's just dishonest if i could take my reporters hat off. >> mike: i don't know how you could have your reports hat on and not state the obvious. what some of us are satisfying. and obvious to everyone. quickly, i want-- don't want to run out of time, but i have to ask you about new information on some of the security flaws that were apparently in the consulate in benghazi. you've uncovered some of those security flaws, tell us what those were. >> thank you, i spoke yesterday with someone who was called a regional security officers, the person in charge of the security in that country, and the state department personnel and someone who worked extensive will in the middle east. says catherine look at the pictures of the consulate in benghazi, a location classified as high risk of a terrorist attack or high risk of civil unrest, from that classification, very specific physical security standards followed by the state department. ocean, when you look at the pictures, you
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
important. normally when a candidate gets defensive that is when they started looking bad. that happens with barack obama. it happened when he told hillary she was like have likable enough. it happened with mitt romney when he did the $10,000 bet with governor perry. it's very important that governor romney keeps making the case about the economy and keep pushing an alternative vision that the american people can see as a better path and a better way forward to improving the economic conditions. if he does that he will put the president on the defensive. if he allows the president to sort divide the audience, talk about women and myth of the war on women and talk about the middle-class and divide the country and gets on the defensive or talk about issues that are irrelevant to the economy, then that is place where governor rom can look at defensive and may not look as good to the audience. >> is it possible to be too prepared for the debate and candidate appears to be reading off a card imprinted in the back of his head because people are pounding him with information? speak to how you
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 8:00pm EDT
defense the entear time and a sense of him walking in there i'm the leader of the freeway world and i don't need to with a waste my time here, the as a matter of fact of the matter is as a presidential candidate that's a level playing field. he and mitt romney are two men, face-to-face debating the issues and he felt as though he was too good for that. looking away, writing notes and thought of his poll numbers dropping back stage. he clearly felt he was too good to be there, but the fact is he demonstrated he can't defend his record and mitt romney showed not only is he a good leader and has executive experience and able to show the president that he has leadership ability, he's likeable, too, and able to show that. >> and there was no passion, governor when he's talking about the economy, the president has no passion, he doesn't understand what he's talking about and he doesn't believe it and saw mitt romney for the first time, a guy who is understands the economy, he looked presidential and people saw for the first time not through the lens of the negative obama tag machine here is
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)